Celtic Cup

Posted by Iain Swanson on

Milo's Iain Swanson has been in Northern Ireland with Team Wales last week fishing the Celtic Cup. 

Here's what he had to say about the event:

Just back from fishing the Celtic Cup on the Newry Canal in Northern Ireland, and what a brilliant event it was.

It was relaunched to give anglers with ambition of fishing the Worlds or Euros, a chance to test themselves in international conditions against like minded teams from Scotland and Ireland. 

We had two days practice, then two days competition fishing the O'Roukes Coal yard stretch of the canal in Newry Town Centre.

A very bizarre set of circumstances, saw the fish live in a big basin opposite the shopping centre.  Then sometime in the afternoon, they migrate up the match length (usually around 2pm).  You can be sitting there bite-less for hours, but as soon as the shoals move it is a fish race catching Roach of approx 50-55g a piece every drop.

D section is closest to the basin, so are the first ones to catch and have the best weights.  A section being furthest away, the last section to catch so the lowest weights.  

An example of this was myself, on day one I drew A1.  Absolute nightmare as its the furthest away from the fish, and the last peg to catch.  Apart from a few Perch, it took until 3.20pm for the fish to reach me, probably down the the amount of bait going in below me.  This basically gave me 40 mins to put as many fish in the net as possible!! 

I took my D22 pole for this event, as knew it could take a bashing and at top 5s deep it performed brilliantly for the job of catching fish quickly with deep heavy rigs. 

Barry Young the Scottish guy to my right was already 15 fish ahead of me when I had my first bite.  But once they were there, I had about 40 Roach in 40 mins when the previous 3 hours 20 mins I'd had 2 or 3 bites! 

Overall Team Wales Red had came 2nd out of 7 International teams, behind a very strong Ireland Team, who fished brilliantly and well deserved winners.

A great trip with a solid team that was committed, focused and worked as one unit to maximise our chances of a medal. 

I know I've learnt loads over the weekend, and its definitely given me a hunger for more international fishing.

Next year this event will be in Scotland so will look forward to that again.