Wave Top Kit Case

Regular price £149.99

The original top kit case was massively popular and used by anglers all over the country, so much so that they sold out numerous times over!

But not wanting to sit on their laurels, Milo listened to Angler feedback and have now raised the bar and launched a new version whilst others still try to compete with the first.

At 170cm long with a depth of 18cm, this kit case will hold a huge amount of top kits along with all your dolly buts, spare 4s etc.....the list is endless.

Made from a hardwearing material, it will store and transport your precious bits of carbon safely to and from the bank.

You can even have your rigs ready set up if you want too.

Another awesome bit of kit from Milo that is going to be extremely popular with anglers everywhere.

Available in red or black.