Redvolution Seat Box

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The Redvolutiuon

This is an upgrade to the original Incredible box.

Built to offer stability, comfort and reliability the Incredible, with its eye-catching Italian design is built using corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy. Not only will you look the part but the solid frame and gel seat will offer complete comfort throughout the full days fishing.  

The box features a host of added extras including: 

All new 64mm diameter rubber coated locking knobs for easy gripping and tightening.

Soft comfortable gel seat and pole support. 

8cm deep tray stowed under seat 

2 x 3.5cm Magnetic draws sliding on roller bearings 

All 6 30mm Legs come full adjustable, and incorporate Falco swivel feet for optimum stability. 

Four box legs come adjusting from 56/90cm with two front footplate legs adjusting from 62/96cm. 

The sliding footplate fitted with rubber coating and non slip sleeves. 

Two spirit levels ensure perfect levelling. 

Padded carry strap. 

Comes supplied with the Milo Champions Choice Mega Side Tray. 

With a host of optional extras including heightening modules and winder tray that sits neatly under the frame, the incredible offers endless possibilities and enables the angler to build a station to suit his requirements.