X Box1

Regular price £649.99

Boasting new innovative design, this modular seatbox offers the anglers superb comfort, practicality and athletics. The new Xbox1 has been designed around a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame.  

Particular attention has been paid to the weight of these boxes. The entire box including the cassette footplate weighs in at little more than just 15kg. A fraction of the weight of most other boxes available! Again benefitting from the Italians flair in design these boxes offers so much more including:


  • Comfortable Black Cushion With Pole Heel
  • Two 3.5cm Deep Magnetic Front Draws
  • Lower 2cm Deep Winder Tray
  • 3.5cm Deep Full Side Draw
  • Padded Carry Strap
  • 6 Fully adjustable 30mm legs

With a host of optional extras available including heightening modules and winder tray that sit neatly under the frame, the XBox1 offers endless possibilities and enables the angler to build a station to suit his requirement.