Concept Hollow Elastic

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Specially designed for modern day fishing, this new silicone coated double layer hollow elastic has a stretch factor of 8:1 and excellent recovery properties.  

It provides outstanding abrasion resistance and is highly visible making it easy to follow every movement of the fish.

Available from 1.27mm up to 2.8mm and supplied in 5m lengths suitable for two top kits in bags with airtight zip closure to keep elastic properties unaltered.


00 - 1.27mm  Yellow

0  - 1.43mm  Orange

1  - 1.58mm  Green

2  - 1.83mm  Pink

3  - 2.06mm  White

4  - 2.26mm  Orange

5  - 2.42mm  Yellow

6  - 2.60mm  Red

7  - 2.82mm   Green