F10 Xtreme Specimen

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A bold statement, but one we are proud to standby.

The F10 Xtreme is designed for peace of mind, no matter how savage the situation is.

At 11m the pole is very stiff, and with top kits and but sections that interchange with the D22 model, making this the perfect failsafe for those who own one and need to fish it at longer lengths.

  • Incredible Strength 
  • No Elastic Rating
  • Super Slim Profile
  • Stiff Crisp Action
  • AFS - Anti Friction System
  • Italian Design and Manufacture

This pole carries no elastic rating due to the nature of its design. 

Made to cope with extreme fishing for Catfish, Sturgeon and Carp, we are confident in saying that no UK Freshwater fish will trouble in in anyway. 

Whether you are fishing against snags, big fish hunting, or massive flat float fishing for double figure Barbel on flooded rivers, this pole offers no excuses and wont let you down. 

11m Package includes:

2 x Spare top 2 monster power kits

Cupping Kit

Dolly But Extension 

Check out the video to see for yourselves - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thAPerQG-aE