Fortress Feeder Line

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 Milo Fortress Feeder Line.

First look at it on a spool and you may have to look twice as it is completely different to other feeder lines you may have seen before.

Totally unique to Milo, this is high abrasion resistant and very supple meaning it flys off the reel with ease for super accurate casting even at distance.

That added with its hi density molecular polymer for immediate sinking, it is the perfect line for feeder fishing.

Each spool also holds a massive 300 meters, so you can fill multiple spools and get great value for money.

Available in:

0.17 - 3.5kg -  7lb 11oz

0.20 - 4.5kg - 9lb 14oz

0.23 - 5.7kg - 12lb 9oz

0.26 - 7.1kg - 15lb 10oz

0.30 - 9.5kg - 20lb 15oz