Milo / Rive D22 Seatbox

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After the success in the first two seatboxs created from a colaberation between Milo and Rive, the two companies have now strengthened their partnership by launching another awesome new box.
The M20 is an exclusive, top-of-the-range seatbox system manufactured with high spec materials and components, and finished with painstaking attention to each and every detail.
Assembled according to precise specifications from Milo, this modular system boasts features never seen before in the Rive’s range of seatboxes.
The frame, which comprises a modular base unit, is manufactured from durable anodised aluminium alloy and features four corner protectors in a carbon style material.
Upholstered in a unique carbon look fabric with contrasting red embroideries, the seat cushion with pole cup is large and generously padded for enhanced comfort.
The area under the seat houses a 60mm deep front drawer flanked by two removable storage compartments and a 30mm deep side drawer for winder storage, both drawers have a stylish carbon look finish.
Standard features also include a modular stacking system that can be easily removed via a magnetic release system.
The anti-slip sliding footplate rests on the four front legs for maximum stability on uneven banks thanks to the HSP system.
The seatbox features six 36mm diameter, 92cm high telescopic legs with side locking handwheels and swivel mud feet to allow ideal seatbox positioning.  In addition, each leg can be easily removed via a practical ‘open system’ quick-release mechanism. The left rear leg is further equipped with ‘open system’ to allow umbrellas and other accessories to be attached by simply removing the end cap.
The M20 package also includes a side tray.
This exclusive perforated bait tray features a reinforced aluminium support arm that can be attached to one leg of the seatbox and comes complete with a canopy for protecting bait from heat and rain.
The seatbox is supplied with a customized washable fabric cover.
The brand logo on the rear panel and the visual and functional details reflect the care and attention given to the product in every stage of the development process.