Redvolution V3 Match Carp Pole

Regular price £2,999.99

Strong, Stiff and Slim… The Milo Redvolution V3 Pole comes supplied as a full 16m package.

Available to suit your own style of fishing, the Redvolution V3 is offered in both a Commercial Package and a Natural Package carrying an RRP of just £2999.99.

Supplied packaged in a Milo Pole Case, these poles really have been designed with all anglers and disciplines in mind.  An exceptional pole for rivers and still waters, it is just as at home fishing with light floats for small silvers as it is running big floats and flat floats on powerful rivers for big fish.

Needless to say it will do everything asked of it in commercial carp type situations.

Incredibly crisp and well balanced the fast taper offers a super-fast reaction with a pick up and balance that makes this a dream to handle.

Entirely made in Italy, using aircraft-certified ultra-stiff High Grade HM8105 carbon fibres combined with Ultralight T900 carbon. The Redvolution Carp Match V3 is reinforced with the Nanolith technology over the entire length of the blank and features the patented Black Run System using 460-R1 epoxy resin.

This makes shipping and unshipping up to 30 percent smoother. Highly responsive, well balanced and totally reliable, the pole features six sections with regular taper while butt sections 7, 8 and 9 are parallel.

It comes with a 60cm mini-extension that can be used between the 11m and 16m butt sections.

Redvolution V3 Carp Match Packages include:

 Commercial Pack

  • 16m Pole with Dolly Butt
  • Super Stiff Cupping top 4
  • 4 x Spare Stripper Match Light Kits
  • 3 x Spare Stripper Euro Kits
  • 1 x Spare No4 section
  • 1 x Combat No6 section
  • Pole Case
  • RRP £2999.99


Natural pack

  • 16m Pole with Dolly Butt
  • 3 x Spare top 5s
  • 2 x Spare top 3 Match Kits
  • Spare Euro Stripper kit
  • Super Stiff Cupping top 4
  • Pole Case
  • RRP £2999.99


 Redvolution V3 Carp Match extras Range:


  • Stripper Match Kits - Light, responsive match top 3 kit
  • Stripper Match Light Kits – Light, responsive, very strong top 2 kit
  • Stripper Euro Kits – Super strong top 2 with no elastic rating.
  • Shallow Stripper Kits – 187cm one piece shallow kit
  • Strong 4s, 5s & 6s – as well as standard sections
  • Mini Fighting Extensions to fit No 3, 4 and 5 sections
  • Combat No6 – super strong section designed for fishing short that still integrates with the pole.
  • Super Stiff Cupping Kit – New design of cupping kit that offers super strong and stiff sections, made to take heavy weight without excessive flexing.


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